Pretirement: a Pipe Dream?

You guys! Have you heard this term before? Pretirement. It’s a new one for me- the term, not so much the concept. Anyway, people have differing definitions, but the basic idea is making enough money (either through passive income or savings) to essentially retire (quit your day job) before the actual age of retirement. Whether … [Read more…]

A Little Break

I took a little break from posting over the past couple of weeks as my husband and I welcomed our new baby into the world!! I’m still a little sleep deprived, but starting to get used to this newborn schedule. Plan on more posts coming soon.

Debt Free: Where to Start

Before tackling a mountain of debt, there are a few steps you should take. A good place to start is by organizing your debt. To do this, you have to know what debt you currently have. Do you have credit card debt? Student loans? Car loans? A mortgage? Medical bills? Something else? Think about all … [Read more…]