Dancing Through Life

I have an update. Actually, a few updates. It’s like one of those good news/bad news scenarios…which do you want first? If you were thinking bad, you are in luck. Bad news: we still have a long ways to go on our debt payoff AND we have added a fair amount of debt over the … [Read more…]

Money Mondays

Okay time for a Money Monday check-in. In terms of our debt- nothing too crazy to report at this point. I’d certainly like to have more progress to share (example: yay, we paid off 90 grand in debt!) but life- and babies- happens. That being said, I am proud of the small bit of progress … [Read more…]

Pretirement: a Pipe Dream?

You guys! Have you heard this term before? Pretirement. It’s a new one for me- the term, not so much the concept. Anyway, people have differing definitions, but the basic idea is making enough money (either through passive income or savings) to essentially retire (quit your day job) before the actual age of retirement. Whether … [Read more…]

Baby Steps to Financial Success

Here’s the thing, financial goals can be intimidating. It’s easy to set a goal of say, paying off a debt. It’s not always as easy to actually start acting on that goal. It can seem insurmountable and it may be difficult to know where to start. My suggestion? Break it down into baby steps and … [Read more…]

Setting Financial Goals

I don’t know about you but setting concrete goals has always been very motivating to me. I’m a natural list maker so this is a task I find to be pretty rewarding. To make a goal worthwhile it needs to be specific, concrete and measurable. Instead of “become financially secure” try “set aside $5000 for … [Read more…]

Why You Should Create a Budget

In the future, I plan to post more details about my own budget- how I got organized, how I manage my budget, alternate ideas for budgeting,etc- but for now I just want to throw it out there…if you haven’t created a budget yet, this should definitely be top priority. This is one of the very … [Read more…]

A Little Break

I took a little break from posting over the past couple of weeks as my husband and I welcomed our new baby into the world!! I’m still a little sleep deprived, but starting to get used to this newborn schedule. Plan on more posts coming soon.