Why You Should Create a Budget

In the future, I plan to post more details about my own budget- how I got organized, how I manage my budget, alternate ideas for budgeting,etc- but for now I just want to throw it out there…if you haven’t created a budget yet, this should definitely be top priority. This is one of the very first steps we took in our journey to debt free. Not only has it been incredibly eye-opening, but it has made us feel much more in control of our finances and is such an easy step to take. A few more reasons to make a budget:


Helps you to prioritize expenses

Identify wasteful expenditures and places you can cut back on spending

Adapt your expenses to your current financial situation

Plan for costs, both expected and unexpected

Decrease stress

Gain control

Helps you to make a plan, whether it be for debt payment, savings, etc.

Holds you accountable

Makes it easy to see where your money is going


And so many more…Happy budgeting!!


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