Baby Steps to Financial Success

Here’s the thing, financial goals can be intimidating. It’s easy to set a goal of say, paying off a debt. It’s not always as easy to actually start acting on that goal. It can seem insurmountable and it may be difficult to know where to start. My suggestion? Break it down into baby steps and dive in! For example, say your goal is to save $1000 to put in an emergency fund. You can break this down into small steps such as choosing to forgo your morning beverage and putting the extra $3 a day into savings. It might seem small, but over the course of a week you would save $21 dollars…over $80 for the month! Find a few more places to do this, such as vowing to get creative with date night once a week, which could easily save you $50 to $100 per week if your go-to date is a nice dinner out. Before you know it you will be blowing those goals out of the water! Go get em!!

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