Money Mondays

Okay time for a Money Monday check-in. In terms of our debt- nothing too crazy to report at this point. I’d certainly like to have more progress to share (example: yay, we paid off 90 grand in debt!) but life- and babies- happens. That being said, I am proud of the small bit of progress we’ve made since I started this blog- especially given that I spent 3 months of that time on maternity leave. So without further ado- we have paid down an extra $2700 of our debt (not including our normal payments which are primarily applied to interest). Woohoo!!

In other news, much of our extra income for the time being will be going toward savings for a home, with the goal of having a minimum of 10% down (yes, I know more would be ideal) by the time we plan to move in August. There are a few reasons for this. Mainly, having our first child has made us feel quite domesticated and ready to plant our roots- we would love to have a home and backyard for the little one to grow up in. Additionally, we are really tired of shelling out a big chunk of money to rent every month and would prefer that same amount of money be going toward a mortgage on something that we will one day own. We don’t plan to buy anything crazy and will certainly purchase well within our means, but at this point in our lives, a home has really become a financial priority.

Then post-August we will be back to attacking our student loan debt hard!! No reason to derail our 4 year plan! Stay tuned…

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