Dancing Through Life

I have an update. Actually, a few updates. It’s like one of those good news/bad news scenarios…which do you want first? If you were thinking bad, you are in luck. Bad news: we still have a long ways to go on our debt payoff AND we have added a fair amount of debt over the last year. First, my husband went back to school…a worthwhile investment in his case, but still, a total of ~$15,000 added to the debt pile. Second, we purchased a vehicle. We bought it used for a great deal. We absolutely needed a vehicle and it was the right purchase for us, but again, $24,000 additional debt (I know, I know, stick with me please. I promise this is going to get inspirational at some point). Good news: we paid off that $10,500 we owed on our first car AND (this is a big one!) we have already paid off the entirety of my husband’s most recent educational endeavor (that $15,000 I mentioned earlier). So where does that put us….

$84,455 remaining in student loans
$24,000 vehicle loans

For a grand total of $108,455. Looks like we’ve got a busy year ahead of us. I’ll share more about our plans to pay off this debt and what we are doing to accomplish our goals soon.

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